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Bizarre is confused

For those of you who are not so well versed in the comic world…

There is a villain known as Bizarre (since the original is in English).

Say hi, Bizarre!


However, here comes the problem. He received this extravagant name because he’s supposed to be the bizarre opposite of Superman and dictionaries agree, as we can see: markedly  unusual   in   appearance,   style,   or   general   character   and   often  involving   incongruous   or   unexpected   elements;   outrageously   or  whimsically   strange;   odd.
Even in French, Bizarre is more or less happy with his name, since he is still weird and odd (not as much as in English, though).
And then, we have Bizarro in Spanish, where he suddenly becomes brave and splendid, and consequently, confused…
Bizarro has become one of those words, like eventualmente, that ends up being mistranslated into Spanish. It’s not so weird to hear these sorts of things:
¡Qué película tan bizarra! Qué situación más bizarra!
 And of course, Bizarre gets confused…
According to the RAE bizarro has the following entry:

(De it. bizzarro, iracundo).


1. adj. valiente (‖ esforzado).

2. adj. Generoso, lucido, espléndido.

So, imagine how bizarre it is for a situation or a movie to suddenly become brave :)


Be careful. Next time you misuse it, Bizarre will come back for you! (either bravely or weirdly)

Why I wake up late every morning

Por qué me levanto tarde cada mañana
Y tú,
¿cuál es tu excusa?

Why I wake up late every morning
And what about you,
what is your excuse?

The opposite of “nobody”

¿Sabes cuál es el opuesto de “nobody”?

Y ahora vamos a hacer unos ejercicios sobre las diferentes palabras que terminan en -body (somebody, anybody, etc)

Do you know the opposite of “nobody”?

And now, we are going to make some exercises ejercicios about the different words ending in -body (somebody, anybody, etc)

Animal jokes

¿Os han parecido divertidas estas bromas sobre animales? Aquí escribiré su significado y lo que se pretende decir. ¡Espero que las disfrutéis!
“Tengo las “koalificaciones” necesarias” (mezcla de Koala con cualificaciones)
“Tus “koalificaciones” son completamente “irrelefantes” (mezcla de elefante con irrelevante)
“No le escuches. El está mintiendo”(He’s lion y He’s lying suenan similar)
“Esta discusión es insoportable” (Dentro de unbearable encontramos la palabra oso)
“De hecho. Está haciendo mi voz ronca” (horse y hoarse suenan similar)
“Caballo por favor. ¿Cuándo vas a decir algo inteligente? No te preocupes, esperaré” (owl wait y I’ll wait suenan similar)
“Uy, qué incómodo” (Mezcla de “hawk”, halcón, y “awkward”, incómodo, embarazoso)
“I’m out of here! You all are giraffing me crazy” (You all are driving me crazy)
“Yo recogeré tus cosas” (Alpaca y I’ll pack suenan similar)
“Déjame saber cuando llegarás” (Let minnow y Let me know suenan similar)


Do you find funny those animal jokes? I will write you here what is pretended to be said. I hope you enjoy them!
“I have the necessary koalafications” (I have the necessary qualification)
“Your koalafications are completely irrelephant” (Your qualifications are completely irrelevant)
“Don’t listen to him. He’s lion” (Don’t listen to him. He’s lying)
“This arguing is becoming unbearable”
“Indeed. It’s making my voice horse” (It’s making my voice hoarse)
“Horse please. When do you ever say something smart? Don’t worry, owl wait.” (Don’t worry, I’ll wait)
“Ouch hawkward” (Ouch awkward)
“I’m out of here! You all are giraffing me crazy” (You all are driving me crazy)
“Alpaca your things” (I’ll pack your things)
“Let minnow when you get there” (Let me know when you get there)